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Mark Gorodecki - Consultant

Mark GorodeckiMark is a skilled organisational development professional with over 25 years’ experience as an internal consultant to private organisations. As practitioner and functional leader, Mark provided expertise across a range of industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, IT and financial services. As a result, Mark developed a strong understanding of the importance of the client’s perspective. Mark’s key area of expertise is leadership development. 

Mark's areas of competency include:

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Leader development

Skilled in developing leaders and their capacity to improve organisational performance. Experienced in using a variety of approaches including assessment, coaching and training.

Process design, development and delivery

Skilled in delivering all aspects of the learning cycle including needs assessment, design, development, delivery and evaluation of both technical and non-technical skills. Mark has also designed learning functions from the ground up.

Designing approaches to satisfy specific capability requirements

Mark has designed and implemented targeted learning approaches to develop the capability of OHS, project management, team performance, change management, talent, graduates and apprentices

Group facilitation Experienced in facilitation including focus groups, assessing needs training, team building and problem solving.
Vocational training and development Mark has managed the design and delivery of RTO programmes and qualifications including Masters programmes for senior leaders.
Assessment and evaluation

As a Psychologist, Mark is trained and experienced in the use of surveys including culture, leadership, personality, engagement and capability measures. He is also accredited to deliver various off the shelf assessments.

For more information call us on: 03 9005 4615  |  To download a PDF version of this page, please CLICK HERE